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Pixelicon commission [OPEN]

Headshot with blinking eyes (400 Points or 4.00$)

Extra Animation +50 Points
+moving ears
+sparkling eyes
Sitting with blinking eyes (600 Points or 6.00$)

Extra Animation +50 Points
+moving ears/tail/wings
Lying with blinking eyes and leg shake (650 Points or 6.50$)
[Request] Lying Pixelicon - Lissy by SweetyBat [Commission] Lying Pixelicon - June by SweetyBat [Commission] Lying Pixelicon - Tsunie by SweetyBat
optional available with witch hat (and witch dress) and ringing bell
:iconsweetybat:SweetyBat 52 62
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So I've been selling adopts for a while and there's a few tips and tricks I've picked up along the way that I'd like to share with everyone! Some of these may seem obvious, tedious and silly but they've helped me a great deal with exposure and views as well as faves and comments! : )
Here we go!

Star! Basics
1. If you're entirely new to adopts, be creative and don't be scared to think outside the box, uniqueness helps! They all find a home eventually and may even get a following!

2. It catches the eye If you use a background or some sort of visually inviting patterns as the backgrounds for your adopts so that people feel compelled to click on the thumbnail to check it out.

3. Think of a name for the species you've created or a catchy yet descriptive name for the deviation title.

4. Always mark in the title that the adopt/auction is OPEN or CLOSED

5.Say a few descriptive words in the description about the adopt you're trying to sell. If you love to write and come up with lore, it's a perfect place to mention a few things there. Avoid long and drawn out

stories though, keep it short and snappy for people to read. You can always leave a link to a st.ash text with more lore info.

6.Indicate the price of the adopt next. Be clear on what currency you accept. Either cash or points or even both! Some people accept gift cards as well. Pick your preferred currency. I personally recommend
allowing cash or points. Not everyone has PayPal bullet and not everyone has Points . Offering both will give people options! ((Another means of trade and paying could be through designs or a "free" commission
from the buyer.)) You can always have people use your commission widget to pay for adopts so that it'll appear in your balance tab. There you can turn the points into currency and send it to your PayPal. Note that it takes 2 weeks for the points to clear as well as a 1 dollar (or w/e currency you use) fee that will be deducted from the amount you transferred to PayPal.

7.Create a Terms and Conditions for your adopts. Be clear on the rules and guidelines you want people to follow and know about when owning your design. You can allow them to change the gender/name/outfits/design etc. as well as whether or not they're allowed to resell/regift the design + If they should notify you when the adopt changes owners. Decide If you allow people to use the adopts for commercial use or not. This is all personal preference.

8. As it is with money or points, you'd like to hold on to them. Be clear whether or not you allow a refund for the adopts, so that people will not give you trouble.

9. Tell people how long you'll hold on to the adopt after they have indicated that they want to make the purchase. Some people hold the adopt for 24h or longer, some not at all and expect an immediate transaction. Communicate with the buyer via note about the details.

10. Make sure to make use of the tags, add every possible tag you can think of that is specific to the type of adopt or auction you do. E.g #adopts #adoptablesopen #auction #chibi #anthro and so on and so forth.

Star! Groups and exposure
1. Join as many adopt groups as you can possibly manage. By that I literally mean, join as many as you can stand to or can find. It is vital for you to get the exposure. I am currently in 205 groups for all types of adopts and bases I try to advertise.

2.Read the rules and guidelines of the Groups, make sure you do not violate any rules and stay polite If you engage in conversation with anyone in them.

3. Let's say we have 3 adopts in 1 deviation. I will submit this 1 deviation to about 10 groups. Make sure to submit to the right folders so people that look for the kind of adopts you sell, will find them. If that folder is full, try a similar or overflow folder. If all fails, abandon the attempt and go to the next group. Pro tip: I open my group tab and right click > open in new tab every group I want to contribute to and then open up one tab after the other submitting to them instead of going back and forth in one tab. It looks like this. Sdda by Sxania This saves a lot of time and effort.

4.Now you may ask how you'll keep up with remembering what group you submitted last to, but fear not. I got'chu. Well, deviantArt has you. In your notifications you'll find the groups you've submitted your deviation to. I close all the ones up until the last one I submitted to and leave it open so that If I come back the next day, I can see the name of the group and go down my list to find the next group in line I need to submit to, nifty, right?

5. Now you'll wonder how many times you should do this - how many groups should you submit to. I personally think there's no such thing as too many. I have an adopt batch that I have in 93 groups and I've seen people that submit to nearly twice that. Is it tedious? Yes, definitely. That's why I keep it to about 10 a day. Should you do it? Yes, definitely. The amount of views you get this way is really nice and more views means more possible buyers.

6. It's been a few days and you have submitted your deviation to all the groups you wanted to and the viewer count is dying down day by day. Maybe no ones made offers yet or showed interest in buying anything. That is absolutely no problem, here's another pro tip! Go to your deviation, on the right hand side it tells you which groups you have submitted to, open that window and open up a group in a new tab, then remove your deviation from that group using the little "pencil edit" function and switch to the new tab to re-submit the deviation you just removed from the group! I do this with about 5 groups every other day to get new views for my adopts. Did I blow your mind yet?

7.If a long time has passed and you still have no bites, consider lowering your price. Update the title saying "prices lowered" or even consider indicating in the adopt batch itself that it's on "sale" so it's clearly visible that the prices have gone down. Don't forget to do the same for the description. Make sure to write a journal entry about the changes or mention it in your activity widget. If you make changes, use the "notify watchers" button underneath the options for notifying your watchers again that something has changed. Don't spam it though, they'll get mad with you.

8.If even more time has passed and absolutely NOTHING and NOBODY has any sort of interest, don't give up! Critically assess your drawings and your pricing and ask yourself If you'd want these If you were someone else. No matter what you do, do not give up. Experiment with different adopts and pricing to see what you're comfortable with putting in time and effort vs. the price. Keep in mind that sometimes these attempts go fruitless.

The most important tip I can give you for selling your adopts is to mingle with other deviants, create a following, don't be too shy to make friends, be polite and helpful and consider doing trades and requests. People will help you If they like you. They'll have your back when you lose all faith in yourself!
This is all the tips and tricks I can think of right now. I might come back later and add more things or revise some stuff. Thank you for reading <3 I hope these help.


Since it's sometimes hard to sell them adopts, I wanna help you advertise them on my page, sorta! Link your adopts underneath!
I'm currently working on selling my Fauna Pixie species. I have been thinking... Maybe it would be a great idea to invent species with lore and character sheets and sell the rights to the species instead of selling the species itself. Maybe it could even be a whole group of artists doing it. Is anyone of you interested in starting a species selling group with me? :D FrostedBerryKiss jhunae
                                Heart Arrow left Commission super sale is on!Arrow rightHeart

                Bust commissions was 2500 / now 2000Points  or 20USD
                             Aveline Thayer by Sxania Lyssa Ladi Commission by Sxania Petite by Sxania
                Cutie Adopt Batch was 1500 / now 1000Points or 10USD
                                                   Cutie Batch Adopts Open (Emergency Sale Pls Read) by Sxania

                 Chibi bust Commission was 850 / now 500Points or 5USD
                                                     Chibi bust - Leandra by Sxania
Heya! I updated my donation pool with some information that might interest you. I want to help lesser known artists get commissions from me and feature them on my page. Also anyone who wants to just advertise themselves on my page can do this too! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 

3b46d4df2c571582995a245ce0bd2cc3 by Sxania


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